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My wife recently passed away and I am the sole beneficiary to her Will, which was registered here in Australia. She owned property in Venezuela, for which her brother had Power of Attorney since he lives there. This Power of Attorney is now defunct following my wife's death.

In order to sell the property, I need to have it registered in my name, and then I need to give my brother-in-law my Power of Attorney.

Can you tell me how I go through the various steps to achieve this? I've read answers on a previous question on Power of Attorney but they are a few years old and the law keeps changing in Venezuela.

I do understand the difficulties of transferring money out of Venezuela, but that is not an immediate concern of mine. I am simply interested in tidying up another loose end.

Hi Peter,

I am deeply sorry for your loss.

My email is I believe a POA is not so complicated, you would have to sign in a Venezuelan Consulate near you, unless you plan to travel to Venezuela. You need to have a Venezuelan lawyer write and stamp the POA, also you need original ID's of you and your brother-in-law, then you call for an appointment to register the POA and send it to the Consulate before the appointment. Since this is an specific POA the price should be around $100.

If you need anything else or want more detailed information, please send me an email.

Best Regards,



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