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Hi there, I saw your detailed answer and they attracted me to ask you about my problem.

I entered to Venezuela in the May of 2012, invested some money to the business of my sister which is a officially registered company directly working with the big Venezuelan company PDVAL, and Im going to register a tourism company here in Venezuela with no problem, I have an active bank account, got my Visa and Mastercard from the bank B.O.D, have my RIF. The problem is that I was looking to abtain my Cedula, but they told me you are not allowed to abtain Cedula with the visa you have "Transeunte Negocio and now my visa is over. Now I want to know if I can apply to get a Work visa by an official letter from the company Im working in now, or the company I will have in a few weeks. Plus I want to buy a piece of land in Margarita to build my office there.

Thanks in advance for you answer,



Hi Pooria,

You should be able to obtain a Cedula as a foreigner with any Traseunt Visa. You should go to the main ONIDEX office in Caracas to apply for it.

"Visa de Transeúnte: Es el Ciudadano extranjero que cambia de visado de turista a transeúnte. Es una visa que se puede renovar ó prorrogar por un año. Se le otorga al ciudadano Cédula de Identidad Extranjero.

Requisito para sacar Cédula por Primera vez:

•  Presentar pasaporte con la visa vigente

•  Fotocopia del Pasarte Extranjero.

•  Orden de Cedulación.

•  Copia de Radiograma entregado por la Embajada si fue por Ingreso.

(el ciudadano solicita su cédula por primera vez en la Sede Central de la Onidex, Avenida Baralt, edificio Mil, Plaza Miranda)."


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