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Venezuela/I would like to travel to Ciudad Bolivar


Hola Margie,

I am 49 old male; separated; a resident of Canada. I am deeply interested to make Venezuela my home as I have got tired of the freezing cold here and even more freezing temperament of the the mainstream Canadians. Having read and studied a lot about Venezuela, I have grown to like your country as a warm, friendly and hospitable nation, with no condescending or racist people as there are plenty here in Canada.

I know there is a sizable inflation in Venezuela and many necessities of life can be scarce or pricey. But,I am convinced that the friendliness and helping nature of the Venezuelan people will more than compensate those shortcomings.

I am thinking of going to a small city like Ciudad Bolivar in Bolivar state and may be, try to set up some business or else. Does it sound okay? Would it be safe if I travel to that city? Do you think a newcomer like me will run into problems there?

I would really look forward to socializing with Venezuelan people as it can probably win me some friends. Can you recommend any solutions for that?

By the way, my Spanish is very basic and I can speak only a few sentences.

Thank you very much!


Hi Joseph,

I understand you have your mind set to coming to Venezuela, which is an extremely beautiful country. Ciudad Bolivar is a nice place, close to the wonderful Canaima natural parks, there are many opportunities for business there in tourist area. You could run into some problems at the beginning, foreign currency is highly coveted around here, they might see you as a source, so be careful. Socializing in Venezuela is very easy, just smile and be friendly.

Send me an email at if you run into any problems.



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