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Venezuela/opening a bank account in 2014


Is it still possible for a non-venezuelan to open a bank account in Venezuala in 2014.What documents are necessary?Do all the banks have the same criteria?My friend wishes to open an account,last year we were told we had to have a cedula.Is this correct and can anyone ask for a cedula?.Thank you very much

Hi Jean-Pierre,

It is possible to open the bank account, but you would need a cedula, which is only given to nationals and foreigners with an inmigration status like a work visa, or any other transient visa.
Some banks will accept some other kind of proof that you live in Venezuela, for example two or more utility bills, try cable tv and a mobile phone, personal references from Venezuela or a lease.  Not all banks have the same criteria, but some are a bit flexible with this rules. Try Mercantil or Banesco.



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