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With this currency situation in Venezuela it looks like your country could be great for dental/medical tourism. Is that the case? In particular, what is the situation on Margarita? Are there highly-qualified doctors and does it make financial sense for an average American to do, say, some dental job there?

I've also sent you a an email to . Please see if you can answer there too. Thanks.

Hi Andy,

The currency situation in Venezuela as of today is a bit uncertain. We have 3 official exchange currencies CADIVI at BsF.6.30, SICAD I BsF 10.90 and SICAD II BsF. between 20 and 50, should be known this week, and we have the black market currency, BsF 73.61.

SICAD II will be implemented this week as a way to stop people from using the black market. So far it has worked, the black market rate has dropped 20 points these past 2 weeks. Knowing how things work here it won't last long, there won't be enough dollars to cover the demand and black market might go even higher.

As for the quality of Venezuelan doctors, we have top-notch doctors, dentists and technology in Venezuela, there's even a Nobel Prize Nominee doctor in La Guaira who has developed a successful vaccine treatment for Cancer Patients, Jacinto Convit, and many excellent Plastic Surgeons. I've heard about medical tourism here before, a good friend of mine has hosted some guests from Europe for Plastic Surgery, and an Urologist from Maracaibo has had surgery patients from Mexico and USA. All of them have had excellent results and the prices have been and advantage for the patients.

I am in Maracaibo and can only speak for this part of the country. Margarita is a great touristic place and I'm sure they have excellent doctors, but the best Medicine Universities are in Maracaibo and Caracas. Therefore you can expect the best doctors to be located in these two cities.

It makes a lot of sense to have dental and medical treatment here, as far as prices and quality, but I have heard the ticket prices to Venezuela at the moment are extremely expensive. Also there is a huge political unrest in Venezuela at the moment, and we hope to get pass it soon. After this turmoil has past the conditions should be good and maybe even better for Medical Tourism.

I'm sorry for taking time to answer, our Internet service has been terrible these past weeks. I hope my answer helps you have a better understanding of the situation and that it helps.




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