My wife and I are American citizens who own an apartment in Venezuela.  My retirement nears and we would like to live there full time.  We will need a cedula to function there.  How do we go about getting one?  Can it be started in the USA?

Thank you for the assist.


Hi Fred,

You can start the process of getting a Rentier or Pensioner Visa at the Embassy of Venezuela in the US. With that you can get a cedula in Venezuela. Even if you don't get a cedula the Visa should be enough to open bank accounts and do most of the things you need to do to establish yourself here. I would suggest you fill out the form, attach the requirements and go directly to the nearest embassy, many people have said they rarely answer the phone or reply to e-mails. This is the link to the form and here are the requirements.

Rentier/Pensioner Visa
- A valid passport with no less than six (6) months before expiration.
- A completed visa request form.
- Two recent passport-sized photographs
- Company check or money order for $60 made out to: “Embajada de Venezuela”
-Solid evidence of a monthly income equivalent to $1,200 from their lawful income or pension income generated abroad.
When traveling and accompanied by family members, proof of monthly income of at least $500 per member, as well as proof of family ties, are required through documents issued by local authorities.

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