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I am trying to see how to get copies of my mothers birth certificate, my dads divorce decree from his first wife, and my parents marriage certificate and license from Venezuela, Thank you

Hi Domenic,

If you can't travel to Venezuela, to get these documents you or your parents would need to authorize a person in Venezuela to get them for you. Since this is process is still manually done, i.e. you have to look in actual books page by page, the process is easier and faster if you already have a copy or the book number and page number. Otherwise it can take months. This will also depend on where in Venezuela did these 3 events happened.

Ii have successfully assisted dozens of people through this website in getting these type of documents. There has been a few with no information whatsoever of the registration dates or book number, in these cases it has been impossible to do anything.

If you would like me to assist you in getting these documents send me an email to with copies of the documents attached or the dates these events ocurred, place and book number.

Hope I can help,



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