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Venezuela/apostille birth certificate


Hi Margie

My son is marrying a girl from Venezuela.  He cannot go to her because he is a soldier. The US Airforce won't allow him to go.  She also, cannot come here.  

They plan to marry in December this year, in Curacao.  The government in Curacao requires a birth certificate (within 6 months of new) to be apostilled and sent to them by November 15th this year.  

The bride asked her government today and they will get her the certificate in 3 months.  That is too late.

We have invested nearly $10,000 in this wedding and much of it is not refundable.  We must have that birth certificate within 2 or 3 weeks.  Can you help?

Collins Bradford

Hi Collins,

The only way she can get the certificate Apostilled on time is paying off a government official. I've heard it's been done, it is a risk though. It can take a few weeks even when they say it will be ready in a day. If she lives in Caracas ask her to offer money to a person inside the Ministry of Foreign Relations, worst case scenario, they'll say no.



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