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Venezuela/Bolivars to USD black market exchange rate


Hi Margie,

My friend in Venezuela has his business doing very well.
He has a lot of cash in Bolivars, and he wants to exchange them in USD.  However, as what he knows, it's hard to exchange it into USD through the official exchange center, and the only possibly way is to exchange it through the black market.

However, he does not know exactly what the black market rate is.;
someone says 1USD = 40 - 50 Bolivars;
someone says 1USD = 187 Bolivars approx.
There is a huge difference.

Can you please tell me the truth ?  Thank you.

Best Rgds

Hi Sam,

At the moment there are 3 official rates 6.30, 12 and 50 Bolivars per Dollar. The government has announced a new exchange system will be in place next week, reportedly at 180 Bs per Dollar. The current black market rate is publshed by at 188.08 Bs per $.

Right now no one is exchanging in expectation on what the rate might be next week. It's very hard to find a reliable source.

Hope this helps,



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