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Hello Margie,

I have read lot of your FAQs online. Some of them answered my queries to an extent. I'm here for some suggestions/advice from you.
I'm interested in purchasing an older vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser. I have read, they are manufactured there and likely to be less expensive. Also, we can not easily locate those models in Middle East. I have spoken to few guys through social media and they sound like they are ready to ship, but I don't trust them yet. Is there any agency that can help me? Do i have to pay taxes or like Europe, export goods are exempted.

Appreciate all your help.

Hi Ahmed,

Cars in Venezuela are usually more expensive than in the rest of the world, but I know that many people here would find it interesting to sell a car in foreign currency, it would be an excellent deal. The exort goods are exempted, you would need to pay the import taxes on your side. What the seller needs is to get all the pemits to ship the car. Now, it would be difficult to trust anyone if you had to pay upfront, there is no way you could file a claim here. Consider hiring a company or a lawyer to do everything for you.



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