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hi I've been searching all over for information on how to obtain my cedula. this is my story my mother is Venezuelan by decent at age 12 through our local embassy (Trinidad and Tobago) we applied for my citizenship and received a 2 page letter stating basically that I am Venezuelan.  I am 23 years old now and I'm told that I must go to Venezuela to first obtain my cedula before I can apply for the passport my question is are there any other ways that I could get this ID card without making a trip to Venezuela and if not what documents will I need and how long will I have to spend in venezuela to get this cedula and maybe even the passport

Hi Matthew,

You have to come to Venezuela in order to get your cedula, there is no other way. Before you come to Venezuela you need to apply for your Venezuelan citizenship at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy. They should issue an order for getting a cedula in Venezuela

You will need for the citizen application:

Application Form: The embassy should give you this.

Three originals of your birth certificate, spanish certified translation

Your mother's birth certificate, passport and Venezuelan Cedula

Your father's birth certificate even if he's not Venezuelan

Parent's Marriage Certificate if it applies

Other forms supplied by the embassy.



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