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Venezuela/maracaibo to Merida


Hello Margie

I'm trying to plan part of my trip to South America and hope you can help with some details.

I'm planning to catch the early bus from Santa Marta to Maracaibo which I have found times/prices but I can't find information about the Maracaibo bus station and the times and price to catch a bus to Mèrida or if there is an express bus.?

Is this route generally safe?

I want to do a tour to Los relampagos deal catatumbo when I get to Mèrida but have only had one response from a company and they only take groups where I will be travelling alone. Can you recommend any companies in Mèrida that I could join a tour?

I intend to travel to Cucuta during day to catch a night plane to Bogota, is this generally safe during day time? From what I've read people seem to have no real issues.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Hi Sebastian,

There is no online information for the buses from Maracaibo to Merida but they do leave quite frequently from the Maracaibo  Bus Terminal, I live in Maracaibo and could help you around if you'd like. There are quite a few express buses with air conditioning and some comfort. The route is generally safe considering it is Venezuela, please be careful. Are you traveling alone?

Here's a website you can try for the Relampago Tour I hope it works, let me know if you need help I can contact them. I saw they take tours of 2 people and I usually find people already enrolled and waiting for someone else to get going..

To travel to Cucuta you will need to get to Tachira from Merida, again it is Venezuela and safety is an issue. Be careful with your money and don't trust anyone, Venezuelans are very nice people but the situation is hard and many are getting desperate. Send me an emmail to so I can send you my contact number just in case.



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