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I live in LA and I am involved in a tech/media startup similar to Netflix. It has some pretty big names behind it but me and my team are involved in getting the capital through angel investors or venture capitalists. What is the best way to get potential investors to invest without contacting them on the internet. Another words, what's a savvy way to meet potential investors in person and give them a subtle pitch but mainly establish that contact? Any advice would be really helpful. Thank you

If they're local, find out what networking groups they're involved with and join. Once in, do whatever it takes to meet the decision makers and introduce yourself.

If they're not local, try connecting via LinkedIn and request to connect. Once connected, ask to schedule a meeting. He / she will appreciate your willingness to travel and meet in person.

On the same note, emphasize that your willingness to travel to him / her doesn't mean you'll try to take up any more of their time then necessary. Above all, convey the idea that you greatly respect there time and you should be fine.

Good luck.

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