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Dear Rob,

My family and I would like to relocate in Victoria or Vancouver. We are undecided between both cities. It looks like properties in Victoria are cheaper than in Vancouver, but we would ultimately like to buy a business and run it as a family. Would you say there are more opportunities of buying and running a small family business in Victoria than in Vancouver? It seems to me that the quality of life in Victoria is higher than in "larger and more cosmopolitan" Vancouver. What would you say?

Thanks for your opinion.

Hello Matt,

Thanks for your question. The differences between Victoria and Vancouver are much like any two nearby cities.  Most aspects will be the same, considering they are in the same province; however, there are a few significant differences.  Victoria's weather is somewhat better, in that it doesn't rain quite as much in the winter months.  Vancouver, being on the mainland, is easier and cheaper to get to other places from (driving, flying, etc) whereas Victoria is more difficult and expensive being on an island.  Vancouver also has a much more diverse culture than Victoria, largely from a strong Asian influence, but many other immigrants are calling Vancouver home these days as well.

As for general "quality of life" this will depend largely on what you value.  Safety? Culture? Transportation? Other??

I would suggest you look at two websites and the respective "Vital Signs" reports on those websites from the Victoria Foundation and the Vancouver Foundation.  In them, you will find the info you need.


Victoria, BC

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