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Victoria, BC/Can we live in Victoria or B.C.


We very much dislike living in the U.S., and would be of "great peace", to be out
of here.  We have U.S. passports, and I have been here all of my life.
Can we move there for longer than the 12 months I read about?
I have money to cover expenses, about $500 K total, and
$30 k pension w/o tapping the 401.
I will also get around $20 K in s.s. money in 5 yrs.
I can pay the B.C. medical premiums and school costs.
thanks you, Michael near Chicago

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your question.  To stay in Canada permanently, you usually have to immigrate to this country.  This does not mean you have to give up your US citizenship (though this is also an option).  There are several ways to immigrate, each with its own set of conditions.  Check out this link for more information:

As for the amount of $ you will need, that is dependent on a lot of factors of course, especially your income and what part of the country you choose to settle in (larger cities are considerably more expensive naturally).

Good luck!


Victoria, BC

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