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QUESTION: Dear Bobbert,
I tried to connect my laptop to my TV via HDMI cable.
I connected one end of the cable to the TV HDMI port. When I connect the other end to my laptop the screen turns black as if the computer is off. And the TV screen says NO SIGNAL. when I remove the cable from the laptop, the screen comes back to life.
I have Windows7 on my laptop.
Please help!
Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: Sounds like the laptop is auto-detecting the external display (and blanking its display), without a proper signal being sent into the TV. Does your laptop have the "Fn" key and one of the Function keys dedicated to switching display options? (something like Fn + F8 or Fn + F7 etc; it will depend on what model of computer you have - look at the F keys for one of them with a monitor icon) If so, switch that with the TV connected, and you should get a display on at least one device. You may have to cycle the TV on and off with the HDMI cable connected as well.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you so much for the quick answer. As you said the laptop was auto-detecting the external display. Yes, the laptop has that Fn key for switching display options. As per your instruction I could switch between displays by pressing that function key.
When I clicked on the video card icon on task bar it was giving me few options, like do you want to connect video out put to LG Tv,Pc display and duplicate display. I tried all these options, nothing happened.
1. TV has been detected by laptop. In one of the options on the video output ask if you want to connect to LG tv.
2. The HDMI on TV screen is highlighted.
3. I double checked the cable, it's firmly connected to my laptop and TV.
But still no picture on TV. It says NO SIGNAL.
I am waiting for your further instruction.
Thanks for your time and your effort.

So it sounds like you've at least got the display back on the laptop - yes?

On the laptop, go into the Display Settings (where you would change resolution), and see if the second display appears (the TV); it may simply need to be enabled from that screen (it should be a greyed out monitor with "2" on it, select "Extend the desktop onto this monitor").


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