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Bobbert -

I would like to turn my HDTV type monitor off automatically through my PC settings.

I have a HP-Compaq desktop dc5700 with Windows 7. Graphics are Intel Q965/Q963 Express chipset family. The monitor is a 19" Sharp LC-19SB24U Liquid Crystal TV.

This is hooked up by VGA connection.

I set my PC settings to "turn off display" after one hour at which time the screen saver quits and the screen darkens a bit. To me, this means there is no more signal being received by the monitor. I wonder if the monitor is using less power at this point. The power light on the monitor is still lit ( a light green - I never saw another color such as amber.)
Could I have a setting which actually turn the monitor OFF, as though I pressed the OFF switch? This would be nice, though not essential -- worth a try.

In a home with three PC units, I am the "designated" IT guy... simply because I work from home. I have limited tech knowledge and learn as a trundle along, often with much difficulty, frustration and blaspheming. (For example, I've been doing this for 9 years and just realized what VGA means.)

My previous setup, an HP Pavillion with Windows XP hooked up to a Dell CRT monitor, had the monitor go into a "low power state " (light turned amber from green) when the hour was up.

I prefer the Sharp TV. It's clearer, collects less dust and my cats cannot sit atop it and stare at me. If I have to turn it off manually, so be it...



Very likely this is not possible with a television, as the computer simply drops the output signal which computer monitors will interpret as "go to sleep" (as your CRT did); but the TV likely just interprets it as "wait for a signal." Some newer TVs will turn their backlight off as part of a DCR/ALS routine, but generally they will not go into a stand-by/idle state when the signal disconnects. If power efficiency is your goal, switching the monitor off (even if it's a PC monitor) is the best choice.


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