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I lost the sound on my pc after a quick power surge. A friend told me to do a system restore, but when I tried a window popped up and said "WINDOWS HAS DETECTED FILE SYSTEM CORRUPTION ON LOCAL C DISC".
It told me to check the disc for errors and I've done it 5 times already. Do you know how to get around this?

Power surges are often neither "quick" nor "simple" - they are not something that you can generally "Get around" within software (and a system restore will not reverse or fix any damage caused by a power surge - that's illogical advice; all a system restore is good for is rolling back the system image (essentially the installation of Windows) to potentially "un-do" errors with driver installation or simlar)). If Windows is reporting or displaying various assorted system errors (which you've indicated), there is likely hardware damage due to the power surge. This will require the machine to be looked over by a technician (something I cannot do via the Internet) - my advice would be to contact the manufacturer and locate an appropriate service center. If the machine is very old (say, older than 3 years), it probably is not worth repairing (due to how equipment devalues over time and the cost associated with diagnostics and repair); it may be worth looking at a new machine. Depending on the circumstances of the power surge, you may also want to contact an electrician to ensure that your site wiring is not compromised.

Sorry that this isn't a more "point and click" response, but power surges or power faults are a much trickier issue than conventional software problems or more conventional hardware failure. At first blush (and again, without being able to see the machine I cannot say this with any certainty) it sounds like the system was damaged by the power fault, and you're likely looking at both a new motherboard and new hard-drive - as I said above, if the system is relatively old, it will be cheaper and easier to just buy a new computer.


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