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I have a laptop, it is a Acer Aspire 5745pg, running Windows 7. It had a integrated graphics card (Intel HD Graphics) and it also had a dedicated card, NVIDIA GeForce 310M. Now, I had a virus and it totally wiped my PC. Windows update re-installed the integrated driver after a while, but not the NVIDIA driver. Now, I am left with Intel HD Graphics, and Standard VGA Graphics adapter, which it first booted up with, and has the wrong aspect ratio. I have also tried going to the NVIDIA website and downloading the GeForce 300M Series driver for notebooks, but it just says "No compatible hardware was found", as if I hadn't got the video card. I need this GeForce card for hi-def games, and with Intel HD i get about 5 frames per second =( .
What do you think I should do?
All help appreciated,

Look for a graphics driver download from Acer's support website - they should have an appropriate installer that will detect the hardware in your system, and restore functionality to the 310M.

With the SNID from the computer, you can look up software and drivers from their website:


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