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Video Card Problems/re: installed graphics cards



I am currently experiencing problems with the graphics display on my computer. I have two graphics cards installed and both of them are
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX (768mb).

Both were installed when I bought the computer second-hand, presumably to make games run faster. As I am not a gamer, this is not important to me.

How is it possible to determine if only one of them is faulty or if they are both faulty?

Also, would my computer work normally using just one of them and if so, how can I set it to use just one of them?

I would appreciate if you could keep your answer simple, as I have only limited technical knowledge.

Many thanks for any help you can give.


ANSWER: When you say "problems with the graphics display" - what do you specifically mean? What is the machine doing? (Or not doing?). Is this problem recent, or ongoing? Can you reproduce the problem consistently (and if so, how)? Or is it random? Answers to these kinds of questions will help me be able to help you.


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As soon as I switch the computer on, I am getting vertical yellow stripes across the width of the screen and I am unable to get rid of them. I've had this problem for about 2 weeks now and, yes, it is ongoing.

I understand that the fan could be a cause of graphics problems but it doesn't sound any louder than usual.

If it is a graphics card problem, I'm not sure how to determine which of the two are faulty?


Have you checked to ensure that the connecting cable to the monitor is firmly connected? Have you checked the monitor on another system?

If both of those have been done, and you still have these issues, I'd suggest trying to boot with just the "slave" card (so remove the SLI bridge and the card that is currently driving the monitors, and connect the monitors to the other card's outputs).

The fan is unlikely to be a direct cause - if a fan had failed and a card had completely cooked off, you very likely would know about it though.


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