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Hello, I have a old computer that I bought in year 2000 The motherboard is Mercury KOB845 WFSX. It is a very good motherboard with many expansion slots... it used to have Gigabyte nVidia Riva TNT2 graphics card and now it is gone bad. I tried to buy a equivalent but AGP cards are not available. Can you tell me which among the presently availble cards can be used in the AGP slot in the motherboad?


It is highly unlikely that you will find a suitable modern device for this system - 13 years is many lifetimes for computer hardware. To put that into some perspective, the TNT2 is from a generation of nVidia hardware that predates the GeForce, and nVidia is currently preparing to launch the 13th generation of GeForce.

My best advice would be to look for used hardware, such as another TNT2 or a GeForce 256, as they will be compatible with your machine and provide a drop-in replacement. Such a card should only cost a few dollars.

Just as examples:

Alternately, a modern PCI videocard would likely work, but may not perform as well due to the decreased bandwidth of PCI (if you don't play videogames, this probably won't even be noticed).


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