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Video Card Problems/What was my screen resolution


Within the past 3 days my computer did an update.  My resolution was changed and now I can't find the resolution I had it set to.  I've tried every setting and none look right.

Is there a way to find what the resolution was before the update without reverting?

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium PC, SP1
AMD 3.2GHz
32 Bit
Nvidia GeForce 6800XT - Driver, updated 1/31/2013
Montitors are ACER X223W

Dual monitors running Extended, Landscape.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

There's generally no way of determining what your previous resolution was, but the correct native resolution for those monitors would be 1680x1050 @ 60hz. This is based on specifications from the manufacturer:

If you're using an analog connection to the monitors, ensure that you let them run their "auto adjust" routine after setting the resolution.


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