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Video Card Problems/TV as external monitor


Will a simple conversion/adapter cable work with a Toshiba L305-S5955 to convert my VGA monitor plug into S-video for the purpose of watching movies on my big screen tv? All the laptop has is VGA out, and my TV doesn't have VGA input, just S-video input. I've researched extensively on the internet about this, and alot of people say it may work, others say it may not unless my video card supports tv out???

I'm confused and can't seem to find a sustainable answer on this. According to toshiba's website the laptop has the Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M it doesn't however say whether it's capable of supporting a conversion/adapter cable to convert from the VGA out, to my Tv's S-video input. The TV is not digital, and has no HDMI ports, just RCA and S-video Any help would be fantastic, thanks for reading.

No it will not work - S-Video is a very different signal than the VGA connection from your computer. You would require an active converter to make this happen (we'll get to that). That doesn't stop a lot of unscrupulous manufacturers from selling various "nonsense" converters (like VGA to S-Video); there are specialized (and non-standard) devices that may use proprietary connections to send S-Video (or CVBS, or what-have-you) via the same connector they send VGA or DVI (or what-have-you) out on, but this is not a standardized or conventional implementation.

Something like this device:

Should accomplish what you want. However I make no guarantees as to picture quality - generally video will look fine when fed through this kind of system, but text (e.g. browsing the web) will usually be borderline unreadable, due to the very low pixel pitch of the TV. You may also need to go into the graphics properties on the computer and select an option like "Force TV Detection" once hooked up, in order to get the secondary display to enable.


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