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Every Motherboar you Buy will have say a PCi X on it.

So if you Buy a video Card you will plug it into this slot and this slot conects to the Northbridge and the Northbridge conects to the CPU.

And yes I know some systems have no Northbridge the PCi X just conects to the CPU.

But you always Hear to make sure you Buy a Motherboard with a chip set that can handle the Motherboard components.

But if a Motherboard has say PCi X slots or VGA slots then am I right the chip set can handle them?

Or do people meen if yoiu Buy a Motherboard with Intagraded Video you have to see if the chip set can handle it so if you ever want to Ad a video Vard you have to Match the Video card with the chip set?

Or what am I not gettiung?

I'm not following the other advice you've been given - you're correct in that if the hardware has a given feature, and displays the logo-group brand (for example for PCI Express or PCI-X (they are distinct things, I'll provide clarifying links below)), the hardware is compliant and supports the feature. There is no need to "match" integrated graphics (IGPs) to discrete graphics cards, unless you're meaning to use AMD Hybrid Graphics ( or nVidia Hybrid SLI ( However, the performance returns from both "Hybrid" technologies is generally not worth the price, and you would be better off purchasing a more robust discrete adapter.

Clarification of PCI-Express and PCI-X: (PCI-Express is much more common, and is predominately used for graphics adapters; PCI-X exists for enterprise-grade hardware, and while some graphics adapters do exist (primarily from AMD's professional division, and Matrox), this generally is not hardware that an average consumer will access).

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Video Card Problems

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