Video Card Problems/black startup screen


Hello Guys,
I need a help from you for solving my laptop problem.

Toshiba satellite A215 s4697
AMD turion mobile  technology
1.6 Ghz processor
ATI Radeon X1200 Integrated graphics
Windows XP
Bought on 2007,Used monthly once/twice upto 2011(5 years) Constant usage for past two years(2012,2013)

Black screen on start up (NOT ALWAYS)

Hard Reset Many times
New 2 GB RAM Installed(Tried on both slots)
Installed New battery
Glowed Bright light on screen Nothing appears
Updated BIOS to latest version
Updated Display driver and Catalyst software to latest version

Mostly Laptop display works in morning (After 8 hours of rest to laptop)
After Updating BIOS it showed improvement but deteriorated

Exploring /Cleaning Motherboard
Opening Display panel & Checking connectivity
Reballing GPU

Guys if you need extra details i ll give you.But please help me in solving this problem.Its really frustrating to fight with laptop to make it show the screen.

Unfortunately in these situations, especially give the age of your system, replacing the hardware is usually the only option. Laptops, and other portable devices, are generally not designed to be repaired - finding replacement parts for a 7 year old model will likely take some doing, and you may not be able to find new parts. Additionally, the price may be disproportionate to the system's value (hundreds of dollars on parts would be unreasonable, and is likely what you'd be looking at).

However, there are maybe one or two things you could attempt before moving on to a new system. Firstly, does the system have an output for an external display? If so, does a display connected there consistently work, or does it also fail? If it consistently works, the problem is very likely either with the connection between the laptop's mainboard and the display, or the display itself.

Secondly, does moving/wiggling/etc the display on the laptop influence whether or not it turns on? (Don't get too aggressive here - we aren't trying to rip the display off, just to see if there's a loose connection that you can jiggle into place)

If the answers to the above are both yes (external display works all the time, and jiggling the display seems to have it work more often), I would suggest (if you're willing) opening the system and checking the ribbon cables that run between the mainboard and the display. One of them may have come loose.

If the external display also does not consistently display, and wiggling the system produces no results, the issue is likely within the motherboard (and very hard to diagnose as-is) - and from there I would suggest a new system.

Based on your previous troubleshooting we can probably rule Windows/software out as the culprit, and it also would appear the backlight hasn't failed, so essentially it's either the connection between the two devices (which is easily enough checked; take your time while disassembling the system though, to prevent cosmetic damage to the casing), or a more serious internal issue. Any sort of "reballing" or similar is well beyond conventional troubleshooting, and in general I would not suggest removing and working with SMD devices unless you have the specialized equipment and training required, and also have a means of testing which devices are faulty to confirm which devices need replaced or repaired.


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