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What is the best graphics card for upscaling dvd content best to 4k. I tried two raedon graphics cards one was a lower card and the other was a mid card and the mid card upscaled better but not perfect. I also play a little games. What is the best graphics card to upscale dvd content to 4k the best. Also I don't game in 4k I just watch videos in 4k because I don't want the tv to upscale anything because I noticed even pitiful integrated graphics upscale better than the tv.

You'd have to know more about what generation/era the card came from as far as upscaling - newer is generally better however, as video scaling has become more important and relevant for hardware. Scaling to 4k from DVD will be generally imperfect because of the massive jump up in resolution (480i to 2160p) - different content will hold up better than others (animated content is generally a better candidate for scaling than live action, for example). Generally top of the line cards hold little advantage these days, however in generations past they tended to have benefits over the mid-range/entry-level cards.


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