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Video Card Problems/Nvidia fx 5200 messed up my computer


I put an nvidia fx5200 in my dell dimension 4300s, however this computer cannot use a video card with 128mb. Now the computer is messed up and will not work with the original video card.

I tried several things, removed the motherboard battery, reseated the ram, and tried using the jumper pins. Whatever i do it get the same error at startup.

The error i get.

Error: Alert! Previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [size].

The diagnostic lights on the back of my computer are

a - orange
b - orange
c - green
d - green

Any help on how to fix this problem would be much appreciated

I'm skeptical that "the computer cannot use a videocard with 128MB" - there is no such limit beyond memory allocation limits on integrated graphics, but that has no connection to a discrete card like the FX 5200. The error you're receiving is simply stating that previous boot-ups have not been successful and the event has been logged - likely due to clearing the CMOS you're getting that error, because that generated a halt state (to reset the clock and other things). Do you know the FX 5200 and the Dimension 4300 in question to work? What interface is this FX 5200? Have you tested it in another machine? What operating system does this computer run?


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