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Video Card Problems/alienware not displaying external monitor


QUESTION: hello! i have an alienware m11x r2, i recently updated to windows 10 but then rolled back to my original windows 7 because i had issues with windows 10, my displays being one of them. When i connect to a tv via hdmi (Samsung) it works fine, the tv is detected and display is there. But when i tried connecting to my other tv (Panasonic) or even my projector at work nothing is displayed. i checked at screen resolution, both external displays are detected but no display. i had tried both display using other media such as my ipad with the same cable it works flawlessly. What could be the problem that my alienware is displaying to my Samsung but not to my Panasonic or projector?

p/s my alienware used to work fine on the projector itself before i installed windows 10

thank you and looking forward for your reply.

ANSWER: Does everything work as previously desired in Windows 7? During the upgrade, were your graphics drivers properly re-installed for Windows 10? Based on what I'm understanding from your question it sounds like the graphics driver was either not re-installed properly or the currently available graphics driver for your hardware under Windows 10 does not support the functionality you need. If things are working properly in Windows 7 I would suggest sticking to that, at least for now, and trying Windows 10 again in the future (the free upgrade period lasts until July 2016) on the hope/assumption that such bugs will be worked out. In general this is the advice I've been providing people (to hold off on Windows 10 for at least a few months due to the potential of early bugs).


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QUESTION: hello bob, yes i can confirm that everything works well when i was still in windows 7, now that you mentioned it i did not bother to reinstall my gpu drivers since it didn't crossed my mind during and after installation of windows 10. Although i've rolled back to windows 7 and re installed the latest driver for my gt 335m, still i couldn't manage to get my alienware to display the screen to my other tv n projector at work. This is very peculiar, it displays well on my Samsung though...oh and i just realised that some of my games wouldn't even start!!! some says about failed to intialized direct3d etc...

You would need to re-install graphics drivers and DirectX components when Windows is re-installed, and this does not matter which version of Windows is used. As far as display on the projector or other devices, it may be that you're missing a hotkey/interface driver that allows the shortcuts on your keyboard or in other devices to work properly. Go into Device Manager and look for devices with yellow question marks or that are otherwise not installed. From there you should be able to use Windows Update to search for drivers.


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