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Video Card Problems/Monitor shows no signal


Hello, i have a problem with my pc. I spilled some juice on it few days ago.. I cleaned up everything, and rebuilt my pc. First problem was pc starting instant when power is on (power buttons didn't work).. i fixed that somehow, now the problem is monitor is showing that it has no signal, but my graphics card seems like its running (fan is spinning).
I have msi 970a-g43 motherboard and radeon r9 270x gpu.
I tryed switching monitors and cables.

Very likely there is damage to internal components, and simply because fans/lights are starting is not an indication that the underlying hardware is in good condition. If the monitor is reporting no input signal despite the fans spinning, its very likely that either the graphics card or motherboard (or both) is ruined due to the liquid spill. The next step in troubleshooting would be testing with another graphics card or testing the graphics card in another machine. If this isn't possible (e.g. you don't have extra hardware on-hand or don't have compatible hardware) it may be wise to enlist the support of a computer repair shop to better determine where the fault lies.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, feel free to ask.


Video Card Problems

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