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As you did help me so professinaly in the past, I have one more concern.  I hope you can answer me.

I decided to stay only with my base landline phone. It is a Uniden CXAI5198 series.   It originally had a portable wirelesses unit which I don't use anymore. We only use in the other location a landline phone.

My question is if my base landline phone which has an antenna built in, is searching for wireless unit which is not being used?

Thank you very much,   Gabriel

ANSWER: If I'm understanding correctly this is a combo base unit that offers a wired receiver and wireless handsets? And you're only wanting to use the wired receiver, correct?

Wireless phones will generally only accept new handsets if they're "paired" - this means both the phone base and the receiver have to be in your possession/control to initialize it correctly. This is done primarily to prevent overlap (e.g. if your neighbors also have a wireless phone), but is also a security feature to prevent eavesdropping or unauthorized use of your phone service (e.g. "stealing your phone"). The base station will not be in a permanent search or pairing mode, that would have to be activated at the time you introduced a new handset (its a temporary function, often with a relatively short timeout (e.g. a few minutes)).


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Thanks for a very detialed answer.  I just want to keep using the base unit, not the handset (little portable unit)  that came with it. Do you know whether the base unit, the big unit that I use, still searching the handset unit and while doing so causing ANY radiation or waves while trying to reach the portable unit?  

If yes, I will just get another phone with no wireless options.

Thank you very mcuh,   Gabe

It should not be in a perpetual search mode, however I wouldn't go as far as saying that its internal radio is 100% deactivated/out of the loop. If your goal is something with no radio, I would buy an entirely wired solution as an alternative. That said, I wouldn't expect the base station to be problematic for other radio devices or to be constantly "searching" without being in a pairing mode.


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