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Video Game Repair/JR. Pac(SP) Interface Filter A080-91698-CA29


Bangback wrote at 2014-04-15 15:27:33
Throwing out this board would NOT be a good idea.  You would then have no way of connecting the connectors to the Main PCB.

This board was part of the Jr. Pac-Man Field conversion kit to convert a Super Pac-Man to a Jr. Pac-Man.  This board converts the pre-existing Super Pac-Man connectors (looks like 4 of them), to a PCB edge type connector.  

If your game had A080-91698-CA29 attached to the main board, it is likely that your main board is the DC version or the "Conversion" version, meant of for Super Pac-Man.  Even though this is the DC version of the board, it did not have the necessary connectors to connect to the existing Super Pac-Man harness, which is why the Interface (Filter) board is needed.

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