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Hi Hope You can help, I bought a 1980's Poker Machine It was working fine Except lights didn't light on deal draw buttons. So I replaced bulbs and apparently i am a total idiot. Because my niece was playing for like 1/2 hour and she said it smelled like it was burning and sure enough bulbs too high power i guess because they melted the buttons. I unhooked all buttons and now bought new ones. But did i mention i am stupid. I don't know now what wires go to which buttons.And heres where i need help!!! How do determine which ones go to which?? Thanks for any input!!!

Gday Ronald,

Unfortunately this question has been rolled over to the Question pool which is why it took a while to be answered.

Without a manual it will be a bit of trial and error but it not going to be too hard.  Hopefully the new buttons only have 4 to 5 places to connect wires to them?

Hopefully will look like the following.

If you have a multimeter it will make the process so much easier because you will be able to test where there is power.

Now the should be 4 wires going to each button.  A +power wire, -power wire, ground wire and a input wire per each button.  The +Power (Maybe orange or red), -Power (Maybe Green) and Ground (Should be Black) for each button should be the same color wire for each button.  So once you get one button to light up just wire the rest accordingly.  The power is wired up to the 2 contact points which are paired, while the ground and input has 3 points (one is not used).   The input wire (Should be a different color for each button) is pared with the ground button for input there are 2 spots to put it on a button one will be the right one.  I test the buttons on the wiring harness before putting them in there final resting place to make sure you have them in the right position.

Hope this helps and is not too confusing.  Clearly next time you decide to pull something out take a picture first.


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