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Video Game Repair/Replace monitor in 2005 Golden Tee


I have a 2005 Golden Tee in the original cabinet. The monitor is shot and I have read about replacing with and LCD monitor. I am very handy and will give anything a try. I have read about taking out the old monitor...Thanks by the way...And wanted to know what the trick(s) might be to installing and more so wiring the new monitor? Any help/guidance would be appreciated...What size/brand might you suggest I use to replace it with? Thanks much

Gday Rich,

Yes you can replace it with an LCD monitor be it a TV or a computer screen.  (Provided the TV has a VGA plug on the back)   Some Golden Tee boards allow you to run a VGA monitor straight off the PCB (For the life of me I can't remember if it a red board or green board, plus you need to alter dip switches)  If you have a manual consult that.

You also going to need a RGB/CGA/EGA/YU​V to VGA Board (Which will run you about $30USD)

Depending on your price range and actual size needed to fit in the cabinet will determine what type you get.  Regardless a new flat screen will run you a lot cheaper than a new tube monitor.

Wiring is fairly simple.  Old RGB to the monitor goes to the converter board, you may also have to wire in 5V & ground to the converter board.  VGA cable from board to new screen.  Power you have to wire the new monitor to the power coming into the cabinet.  The old power to the monitor might be coming from another osculating transformer (Newer Tube monitors have these built in and it not seperate) so be careful and know what power is where in the machine.

The most difficult part is actually getting the new monitor to sit right in the cabinet.  It going to require a bit of carpentry, and a bracket to hold it in place.  (I used the old tube bracket before to to this but usually it just as easy to mount a monitor bracket on some plyboard or a 2x4 and mount that in.)

Hope this helps and gives you a good start on this project.


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