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Pic 1  

green wire
green wire  
Hello Brian,

Just bought a Street Fighter 2 arcade game.  According to my friend it was in working condition before he moved across the street.  Now it powers up, no sound, and I have a grey screen.

The neck popped off, and I reattached it to the monitor, and there was also a blue wire not attached to the monitor that I attached.

It looks like all the wiring is there, but I cant be sure since I am not really familiar with arcade wiring.  I have looked on Jamma Boards website and have a general idea now.  But I need guidance on where to troubleshoot now.

1.  Regarding the power supply subsection, it looks like there was a wire once attached to the last prong on the right side.  see pick 1.  What might be attached there?

2.  There is a green wire hanging on the left side on the inside of the machine, attached to nothing.  Where might this go.  see pic 2.

3.  Another green wire which looks like is coming off of the coin door, but I wouldnt think that would affect the monitor display.  cannot upload more than 2 pics.  

Any help you could lend would be great, and let me know if you dont understand part of my questions?

Thanks again


Street Fighter 2 can be a tricky game to troubleshoot. First of all, i think the wires that are not connected to anything don't need to be connected. They could be from a previous conversion, and shouldn't affect the game booting up. The power supply subsection you refer to at the bottom of the cabinet is a line filter and a main fuse. If the game is powering up at all, those parts are fine.

You should take note of whether the power supply is functioning or not first of all. When the power is turned on, does a light come on within the power supply? It should be a brick-shaped box with wires and a knob. This may have stopped working.

Second of all, take the board apart. SF2 is a 3-layered board set, and the connections could have been compromised during the move. After taking it apart, reconnect everything.

Let me know what you find.


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