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I purchased two guns from arcadespareparts in china to replace the two I have for time crisis 2 arcade machine. These guns look like perfect replacements. Taken Apart they're completely different. Im having trouble getting the new guns to work. Any ideas?

Gday Ian,


Firstly do the new gun Molex connector connect to the existing plugs?  (If so that a good start even though they look inside different according to arcadeparts these are the replacements for your machine.#  According to the manual there is 2 per gun

I go to page 17 of the manual and when in service mode initialize the guns and see if this helps.

If you fear they screwed up the wiring on the Molex plug simply use one of your old guns and trace what wire goes where using a multimeter.  You only have about 8 wires to figures out.  Check page 34 of manual.  You should have 2 wire to the micro sensor, a ground wire, 2 wires/connector to the solenoid and 2 wires for the optic sensor.  If you can trace them in the old gun and confirm they are right in the Molex connector of the new gun they should work.  #When in doubt fire an email off to arcadespareparts who should be able to help)

Hopefully this will get you machine back working again.


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