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When i turn the machine on the message comes up that it cannot read the hard drive no hard drive detected error code 2. i bought a new hard drive and fired it up and the same message came up. any help would be appreciated!

Gday Scott,

Only 2 things I can think of that may be still causing this (Since you have replaced the drive)

Check/replace the ide cable that connects the drive to the PCB.  Maybe the cable has gone bad and it was not your drive at all.  Also check the connector of the PCB make sure non of the pins have bent or snapped completely off.

Second check the voltage going to the hard drive.  Make sure it not really low or really high.  Should be around 5V if its like .2 off should be okay.  If it off whack maybe the hard drive is not getting the power to work properly.

Hope this gives you a good starting point.


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