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O great Octane. I'm hoping you can provide help with a little direction. I own a 60 in 1 arcade game with a jamma board. I bought last Christmas from a guy on craigslist. It is very clean and very well done. The game recently stopped powering on. No lights...nothing. It appears a few of the fuses are OK. Is there anything else i can do to trouble shoot the issue? Any help would ne greatly appreciated.

Gday David,

Is the machine completely dead (IE no marque, Monitor etc) or is it just the gameboard?

If it just the game board maybe the power supply for it is out, the 60 in 1 are sometimes don't work if the power is not a little under 5V.  Your would need a multimeter, with the machine powered on to test the power at the Jamma Harness.

If the machine is completely dead ie no power anywhere some things to check.  If it a custom build the 3 things I would check.

Is there a break way power cord in the back of the machine? (IE power cord like a computer pluged into something that has a on/off switch on it.)  Sometimes these have fuses in them.  Check it.

Check to see if there is a Interlock Switch somewhere on the back door, or just swinging not attached to the machine.  Should be white in color.  These switches kill power to the machine when opened, if there is one installed and it broken away from the housing then the switch will be permanatly open, thus killing power.

Finally check the power supply/transformer.  I not sure what type it is, but if it an all in one supplying (Supplying power to the monitor/game board/Marquee)  it maybe dead.  If checking with a multimeter if you have a tube monitor the power going to it will be osolating in stead of straight thru like the game board so you need to make a meter adjustment.  

Without pictures of the inside of the machine it a bit of a guess.

Hope this gives you a good start.


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