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I am working on a Defender game which indicates a ram problem. I switched the chip with the one beside it and the problem moved with the chip. However, the chips are not the 4116 dram chips.  I found 2 other Defender game boards around our shop and they both have the 4116 chip. The chips are labeled AM9016DPC - 8204DP. I assume all of the chips have to be the same. I tried swapping the bad chip with a 4116 dram chip, but didn't work. What are these chips and where can I find them? Do you know of any games that may have came with this chip? Thanks

Gday Chris,

Sounds like the problem is with the DRAM.  The AM9016DPC - 8204DP is a 9016 DRAM chip the second number is the date it was made 1982 04 (April).  The 9016 is a direct replacement for 4116 RAM.  Usually I stick with either the 9016 or the 4116 but not have a mixture in the machine, I believe you can run them as a mixture it just a personal though of mine.

If you have multipul boards I just pull off some more 4116 ram and try that chances are you might have a couple of bad chips and the one you replaced it with might also be bad.

Hope this helps


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