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Video Game Repair/golden tee 99


When powered on the monitor brightens but is black with white lines,  there is no sound or pic.  There is a dimley lit flashing yellow light on the board in the cabinet.  Any ideas game worked well before it quit.  Thanks

Gday Broc,

Dimly lit light I would suspect the power to the gameboard may be very low.

Firstly get a multimeter and test at the gameboard harness what voltages you have coming in on the jamma harnesses.  See if the 12V and 5V aren't really low, if they are if you have an adjustable power supply try and adjust to fix.  (Or maybe just replace the entire power supply)

But that would be the starting point.  (I only going there as the light should be fairly bright and not dim)

Hope his helps a bit.


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