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Video Game Repair/Mortal Kombat 2 board issue



I also have 2 rom chips that show are bad on MK2 arcade game and I read your response and will try to re seed chips etc.  Other issue I have is it constantly resets so sometimes even before game starts when its checking the roms goes to fuzzy white screen and just moving cabinet slightly it may start up again and then moments later reset again.

I have not done anything with this game in five plus years and going to try to get isues resolved soon so was wondering best advice for that issue?


Hi Scott,

It sounds like it's possible that you've got an underperforming power supply. Look for the plastic knob on the power supply (a VHS-tape sized box with a lot of wires coming out of it) and turn it in the positive direction about 1/4 of a turn. Turn the game on and see if it has improved. If not, turn the game off and turn it another 1/4 of a turn. My bet is that this will fix your issues.

Hope this helps!

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