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Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble with my Wii Remote & Nunchuck. They used to work really well together, but now whenever I connect the Nunchuck to the Wii Remote the cursor goes off screen and the Nunchuck doesn't seem to register.

Do you have any suggestions what I would be able to do to fix this problem?

Thanks. :)

Gday Josh,

A few things to check....

Maybe clean the connector on the nunchuck and the port on the Wii controller.  (These often get dirt in them because they are exposed and thus not connect right.)

Check the cable for obvious strain marks, small children/pet teeth marks, nicks, and where the cable goes into the chuck part.  If there is damage often it will not work.  Most of the time the nunchuck cable will break inside the chuck due to strain on the cord.  (Sometimes it can be fixed if you have the means to solder.)

Check the chuck on other wii controllers.  See if it is truly the chuck or the controller.

From there you can decide to get a second hand one or new.  (The Nintendo OEM ones will always outlast any third party one.  Being cheap is sometimes not a good thing.)

Hope this helps.


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