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I just bought an old video slimline like poker maching and it has the game funny fruits when I bought this machine it was fine and when I got it home the screen is all green it has a picture tube in it and I would like to get the color back in it. Help I don't know what to do.

Gday Marlene,

Sounds like the color plates have slipped on the monitor.  Some machines when moved suddenly develop problems all of there own.

First try the very un-technical method of bumping, rocking or jaring the machine while it is on.  If it makes the picture any better or worse then you have something wrong with your monitor, possibly a dry joint on the PCB causing it.  (You'll need possibly a TV repair man to fix it or replace the monitor)

You can try and adjust the color on the monitor.  On the neck board of the tube there are a number of dials that adjust color (there is one for red, blue and green as well as possibly others.  Hopefully they are labeled).  Get a friend or mirror to help with this adjustment.  Firstly mark all knobs before making any adjustments so you know where they where as to not make the problem worse.

Hope this helps.


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