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Video Game Repair/x-men 6 player arcade (left monitor reflect is fuzzy)...


Hello Brian,
    I purchased an x-men 6 player off ebay for short money, set it all up & all works good!  With 1 exception... The left side monitor reflects fuzzy.  If you look down into cabinet, it's clear, but when it reflects it's blurry.  The rear monitor is clear as day and both are the same orig monitors I think.  I've tried everything with the picture adjustment knobs, but nothing for fuzzy picture.  I asked another arcade and they claim the same weird problem w/ their 6 player.  Said it was a defect in design?  I can't believe that this would release like this?  Any ideas on how to correct this issue?  Thanks for your time!

A mirror only reflects what it sees, so it's weird to hear that it looks fine on the monitor, but the reflection is fuzzy. Does this happen if you put your hand there as well? Does your hand look fuzzy?

The mirror, over time, can get very dirty. Be sure the mirror is clean. If all else fails, and the mirror indeed has a defect, you should be able to replace it relatively  cheaply with a new mirror.

Hope this helps,

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