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Hi, I was given a GT Fore 2005.  I plugged it in and booted it up and everything worked fine except for one thing.  The screen keeps rolling.  There are 5 dials I have found so far and nothing is helping.  The first three are together and control the red, green, and blues.  The other two are labeled "screen" and "focus".  The focus knob obviously maintains focus.  The screen knob makes the screen darker and lighter, but also controls the rate of roll.  Unfortunately, when you turn the knob all the way left, it is a really dark screen with a slower roll (the roll doesn't stop) and when you go all the way right, it goes white and the roll is very fast.  It doesn't seem like the knobs will fix it.  Otherwise, outside of the roll, the game functions fine.  Thanks!

There should be some other knobs either on the monitor or on a small board attached to a ribbon cable. One of these will be the V-HOLD knob, and should fix the problem.

If you don't have any of those (and I can't imagine that you don't) you'll likely need to have the monitor recapped (replacing the capacitors on the monitor board).


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