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My machine boots up with sound but the monitor starts with about a 1" horizontal line across the middle of the screen. After it warms up the line becomes thin. Would this mean I need to replace the Monitor, Graphics card, or both? How would I diagnose the problem?

Gday David,

What you have there is commonly referred to as a vertical collapse in the monitor.  It displays the picture only it one pixel wide.

Usually it is a problem with a failed component on the monitor chassis, usually a capacitor or a number of capacitors.  Sometimes it is a bad solder joint on something on the monitor.

Most often you have to install a cap kit and maybe a bit of reflowing on some of the solder joints.  (Usually you can see which ones as they may look burnt or are budging)  Unfortunately this also requires you to take out and discharge the monitor.  (Which is not something a novice should attempt unless you are sure what your are doing)  Most good TV repairmen can fix the problem.  If you know the model of the monitor you should be able to find a pre-made up cap kit rather than individually buying the capacitors yourself.  Cost of parts is usually under $10-$20 it just the time to solder them back in.  (and the discharging the monitor which again is dangerous to do)

Hope this helps you out.


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