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I have a golden tee that i am able to switch out the boards from a 97-2000(to change up my courses i can play). everything was working great,then i changed out the board and now i cant get the trackball to work at all.I made sure the voltage is Ok status. I even tried a different trackball! the test mode shows everything working BUT the ball. I changed out the boards with all the ones i have.......still nothing.the trackball harness was even plugged into all three dins on the board. pretty sure it should go in player2 slot.the green ground wire from the trackball was NEVER hooked up to anything.i've had this game for about 10 years.any suggestions would help,love my game and want to play it!!!!1 thanks a lot, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Hi Mike,

The ground wire on the trackball is not necessary for operation. I am wondering if you didn't somehow damage the two optic sensors on the trackball when plugging/unplugging it. Do you have another trackball that you can try with the game? I would suggest that first, simply to eliminate that as a possible cause.


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