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My tekken game will not load when plugged in. It keeps saying initializing. Earlier that day the sound went out. What do I do. Please help


Gday Danny,

That sounds rather ominous.  (Because it sounds like it partially working)


3 Things I would check.

Check your dip switches.  Particularly switch 2 making sure it not on or partially on.

Check power voltages going to the PCB  (Making sure you have a 5 and 12 Volts going to the board and they are not under)  Also detach and re-attach the jamma harness.

Finally detach and reattach the daughter board from the main System 12 board.

See if that helps or does not.

Since the sound went out first I would check the volume control on the PCB. Also the caps around that to see if someone with big figures has not knocked something loose when attempting to adjust the volume control.  Unfortunately I don't think the board has any diagnostics built in to check so I stumped to go from there.

Hope this helps.


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