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I have a question that might seam strange.
  I have about 5 different 8 liner (Cherry Master)games and I would like to be able to change the images used on the game reels.
This is for use in my man cave only.
What would be needed to change them to other images and how is it done?
Could someone point me in the correct direction to fine the needed information and equipment.
  I did find someone in the India that would do it but wanted $1,500.00 US. (Also this person would not help me find the information I would need to do it myself)
I would like to do this myself if possible. I feel hands on is the best way to learn how to do things and I don't have the money to pay someone to do it.


Gday Warren,

Unfortunately it not a really easy thing to do.  You would have to have a to know how the ROM file is encrypted on the chip, how it assembled and what it is assembled in to change it.  (Being a video poker machine, even an old one. The companies behind video poker machines don't usually want people to know how to check/change the software for obviously reason.)  Maybe the 1.5K is reasonable usually custom work like that on video game is rather expensive. Although for that price I you can buy 4 older style real machines and have custom graphics installed on the front and actual spinners.

So you probably going to have to have some type of software (Probably reasonably costly to do it).  I have no idea how or who you would approach to get this.  You probably going to also need a chip burner to both read and re-write the ROM chip.  Provided the ROM chips are socketed on the PCB.  (If they are soldered, unless you are very skilled with soldering equipment)

I can really give you any help on this further.


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