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Video Game Repair/golden tee complete


When I turn it on the monitor is very dark almost to the point of not being able to play. After about an hour it brightens up quite a bit. Do I need a new monitor or the monitor chasis. Where can I find these parts if needed?

It sounds like you've got a weak tube. There are a couple of things you can do- some easy, some a little more involved.

The first thing you can do is turn up the brightness on the monitor. If you look for the high-voltage unit (it looks like a soda can with two knobs on it and a thick red wire running to the tube) one of the knobs will be labeled "BRIGHT" and will be labeled "FOCUS". Turn the brightness one all the way up, all the way down several times. This may fix your problem easily, give it a shot first.

Be careful though, the HV unit, if touched incorrectly, CAN KILL YOU. Be certain that you know proper handling protocol.

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I can answer questions regarding coin-operated arcade game questions down to the logic board. Error codes, erratic operation, dead boards, I can help with them all. I can help with video monitors on a very limited and basic level only.


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