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I don't have a specific question because I'm not sure what I'm doing but I know I need to fix the adaptor. I have a picture attached and I'm wondering what could be the possible problems. Is the adaptor just burnt out? (The game is a couple years old) Do I need to replace a part inside?
Please Help!

Gday Cristina,

Can't really see anything wrong with the A/C adapter.  Looks like a typical Chinese made thing with too much hot glue holding it together.

The cover plate you taken off should have a the specs Volts out, Amps and if the tip is positive or negative.  You could just realistically go on ebay or take it to an electronics store and try and purchase another one similar, could be cheaper than repairing.  Providing that the voltage is the same, amps the same or higher and the tip is the same you should not have a problem.  (you could always wire with the tip and wire it into you new transformer if you having problems finding the right tip)

hope this helps


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